2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali

The full-size truck has been redesigned recently and once again, the company offers the famous Denali trim level, which is reserved for the most luxurious versions of all models under the GMC badge. The 2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali will represent the third production year, so we probably won’t see too many changes.

2021 Toyota A-Bat Concept

Twelve years ago, Toyota presented a concept truck called A-Bat. The idea was to introduce a model that could be a great alternative to traditional pickups. The concept features a pretty unusual design, which aimed to attract younger generations and those who don’t necessarily need spectacular towing capabilities, but rather something more comfortable, with a […]

2021 Toyota Tundra

The next year will definitely be very interesting for truck lovers, as the super reliable 2021 Toyota Tundra is about to come with loads of novelties. First time since 2007, we will see major changes on this, now, outdated model, which still makes pretty good sales numbers, despite all drawbacks. There is a lot of […]

2021 Toyota Hilux Diesel

The Hilux is one of the most iconic truck ever made. For more than five decades, it is a pickup that offers exceptional performances and reliability. Considering that it is offered in all markets except North America, it’s no wonder that a diesel version is the most popular choice in many markets, due to superior […]

2021 Dodge Rampage Concept

Older generations probably remember the famous coupe utility from the 80s. At that time, this was a quite popular segment in the automotive industry. However, the interest for such vehicles faded away soon after, so the Rampage was discontinued in the same decade. Decades later, we saw a 2006 Concept, which featured a completely different […]

2021 Toyota Hilux

It looks like the iconic pickup truck will get another update. The current generation has been around since 2015 and, interestingly, in received updates just a couple of years later. The famous model is well-known for its exceptional reliability, durability and sturdiness, but it looks like the company still isn’t satisfied the aesthetics. Therefore, it […]

2021 Ford Explorer

This mid-size crossover has been redesigned recently and if we consider all the novelties that came, there is no doubt that the changes for the 2021 Ford Explorer will be minimal. The famous nameplate came through significant changes once again. We didn’t see a completely new platform type this time, but changes are still pretty […]

2021 Toyota Tundra Diesel

The current generation of this pickup truck may be around for more than a decade, but the biggest drawback is the same one that was at the time this model was launched. It’s not about outdated technology, nor the relatively low towing ratings. It’s all about the poor fuel economy. Therefore, the Japanese manufacturer prepares […]

2021 Dodge Ram

After the recent redesign, which has brought tons of novelties, the Ram 1500 is highly competitive once again. However, that doesn’t mean that engineers from Chrysler are done with novelties. The third production year will also bring novelties. We are about to see a new hi-performance version, but that probably won’t be the only novelty […]

2021 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

The upcoming mid-cycle refresh is bringing a plethora of novelties. However, that won’t be everything we will see from the current generation of this amazing pickup truck. Latest reports are suggesting that novelties are about to come for the next year as well, in the form of 2021 Toyota Tacoma Diesel.