2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat

2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat

Ram engineers did a great job with the current generation of the famous full-size truck. After the recent redesign, it looks impressive in many ways. Excellent hauling capabilities, upscale interior and attractive design are of the first thing truck lovers have noticed about the new model. However, it’s also easy to notice that something is missing. Fortunately, that is going to change soon, as the 2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat is about to come in the next year. The hi-performance version of the truck will set some new standards in the industry and we definitely have huge expectations from it.


  • Plenty of power
  • Numerous off-road upgrades
  • Unique styling details
  • Upscale interior


  • Potentially high price


Comfort & Quality:5
Critics Rating:4


2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat Engine

Of course, this is the most important aspect of the 2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat. The current model comes in two engine options and the more powerful is equipped with a 395-hp Hemi V8 engine. For the next year, a couple of additions will come, including the famous Hellcat engine. The latest reports are suggesting the same specs we used from this monstrous V8 engine. So, a 6.2-liter Supercharged unit will be good for about 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, which will make 2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat by far the most powerful truck on the market.


2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat Exterior

Other than a new engine, it is still unclear what kind of changes we are about to see in the new truck. According to the latest reports, this engine will be reserved for the trim level called Rebel TRX. It will be a hi-performance off-roader, Ram’s answer to the currently undisputable F-150 Raptor. Therefore, count on a lot of mechanical upgrades, as well as on numerous visual details that will emphasize the truck’s off-road nature. The testing model has been on the street for some time and we can obviously notice things like higher ground clearance, unique wheels with off-road tires and several other details.


2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat Interior

The new 2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat feature arguably the nicest cabin in the class. Hi-quality materials are all around the cabin, while higher trims look so opulent that we could easily compare them with some premium SUVs. Also, the amount of tech features is impressive. Still, there is always room for more, so we should see a couple of upgrades for this version as well. Some of the first things that come to mind are new color schemes, new seats and a longer list of standard equipment. More details should be known soon.

2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat Release Date and Price

The new 2021 Ram 1500 SRT Hellcat is in a testing phase and should hit the market sometime in the next year. Details about the price should be announced in a couple of months.

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