2019 Ford F-150 Tonka

The F-150 is the most popular truck in the world and one of the most popular models in the complete automotive industry. Besides several popular versions of it, it also comes in several pretty exclusive variants. The most expensive version at the moment is the 2019 Ford F-150 Tonka. Believe it or not, it takes […]

2020 Ford Edge

This crossover has been updated recently, so we are pretty sure that the 2020 Ford Edge will come without bigger changes. The current generation is on the market since 2015 and will definitely continue for another couple of years. We don’t expect that bigger changes will come before the redesign, so the next-year model will […]

2020 Ford Escape

The 2020 Ford Escape is about to come completely new. A new generation of this compact crossover is about to hit the market later in the year and we have no doubt it will come with lots of novelties. Like the outgoing model, it will be engineered in Europe, heavily based on the new Focus. […]

2020 Ford Kuga

Designed by Ford’s European department, The Kuga instantly became a successful crossover, so it’s no wonder it is available in North America as well. Still, years are passing and it is time for a redesign. This summer, a test mule that supposed to the next generation of this compact crossover has been spotted for a […]

2020 Ford F-150 Tonka

It looks like we are about to see another version of the famous Tonka-badged F-150. This, we will see an upgraded version of the new, recently facelifted model that came with lots of visual updates. The 2020 Ford F-150 Tonka will come as a joint venture of Ford and Tuscany Motor Company, which is the […]

2020 Ford F-350

While biggest rivals are preparing completely new models for the next year, Ford is about to refresh its Super Duty lineup, to keep it competitive for another couple of year. Naturally, this includes the 2020 Ford F-350 model as well. For this occasion, the blue oval company will introduce several interesting novelties. It won’t be […]

2020 Ford F-450

The 2020 Ford F-450 is getting a major update and latest reports are suggesting lots of interesting things to come. One of the most capable trucks from the Super Duty series is about to come with improved styling, as well as with a couple of tweaks to the interior design. Besides aesthetical upgrades, we will […]

2020 Ford Bronco

It looks like Ford is here to fulfill requests of fans. One of the newest additions to the company’s lineup will be 2020 Ford Bronco, which is coming back after years of absence. Last time we saw this legendary SUV to come out from the track was in 1992. Until then, the legendary model was […]

2020 Ford F-650

As you probably know, Ford’s “F” designation goes beyond light and heavy-duty models and covers medium-duty trucks as well. Two models of this kind are available in the company’s offer and the 2020 Ford F-650 will be one of them in the next year. This model is on the market since 2000 and the current […]

2020 Ford F-750

The 2020 Ford F-750 will continue to be the company’s most capable truck in the offer. Designed together with Navistar International, this chassis truck offers pretty much every commercial-minded driver would ever need. It comes with spectacular working characteristics, but also offers the company’s recognizable reliability, as well as a quality interior design, full of […]